Option-O Lagom P64 Grinder: A Masterpiece in Coffee Grinding

Gear up, coffee enthusiasts! The Option-O Lagom P64 Grinder has taken the coffee world by storm. This sleek, all-metal marvel boasts a 64mm set of flat burrs and a variable RPM motor designed for ultimate grind control. Not only is it a beautiful piece of equipment, but it also promises to deliver unparalleled precision and top-tier grind quality. Whether you’re an espresso aficionado or a filter coffee fanatic, the Lagom P64 aims to meet all your grinding needs with ease.

But does this impressive machine live up to its lofty promises? Dive in as we dissect the build quality, design, and functionality of the Lagom P64. From its step-less grind adjustment to its user-friendly features, we’ll explore every aspect of this grinder. We’ll also weigh the pros and cons, from its exceptional build quality to the arbitrary RPM dial labeling. Whether you’re considering an upgrade or just curious about the buzz, join us for an in-depth review of the Option-O Lagom P64 Grinder.

Build Quality & Design

The Lagom P64 is a meticulously engineered coffee grinder, forged from machined and anodized aluminum. It comes standard in a sleek silver finish, but for an additional $50, buyers can opt for a black variant that exudes elegance. This model stands out with its compact, unobtrusive footprint, making it ideal for home use without sacrificing performance.

As a single-dose grinder, the Lagom P64 lacks a traditional hopper, instead offering a grinding chamber that holds about 40 grams of coffee. This small capacity can be a drawback for those who brew larger batches. Option-O suggests continuous feeding of coffee beans into the chamber, but this manual process may not appeal to everyone. The machine does come with useful accessories such as a portafilter cradle, a well-crafted grounds collection cup, an RDT spray bottle, a small dosing cup, a portafilter funnel, and a grinds distribution tool. One notable feature is its whisper-quiet operation, making it an excellent choice for early morning brews.

The Burrs

The heart of any grinder lies in its burrs, and the Lagom P64 offers a trio of 64mm flat burr sets to cater to different brewing preferences. The standard stainless steel burrs are versatile, performing well for both espresso and medium to dark roast filter coffee. They are rated to grind through 250kg of coffee, making them durable but not the most long-lasting option.

For those seeking specialized burrs, Option-O collaborates with SSP, a renowned Korean burr manufacturer. The SSP Unimodal burrs are tailored for filter coffee, reducing fines and enhancing clarity and flavor definition. On the other hand, the SSP High-Uniformity burrs are optimized for espresso, though they also perform admirably for filter coffee. Both SSP burr sets boast an impressive lifespan, rated to grind through 5000kg of coffee.

Grind Range & Rating

The Lagom P64 excels in grind quality, rivaling machines that cost twice as much. Its versatility in grinding everything from French press to espresso is noteworthy. The step-less grind adjustment allows users to dial in their grind with precision, offering a range of settings marked by nine main reference points and ten smaller in-between points.

This grinder minimizes coffee retention, particularly with light roasts, thanks to its well-designed grinding mechanism. Many users have reported issues with static when grinding, which can cause coffee grounds to scatter. However, this problem is effectively mitigated by the included RDT spray. A quick spritz of water eliminates static, ensuring a clean and tidy grinding process.

Variable RPM

A distinguishing feature of the Lagom P64 is its variable RPM motor, adjustable between 200 and 1400 RPM. While the flexibility is commendable, the dial’s arbitrary numbering system (1-9) could be more intuitive if labeled with actual RPM values. This means users need to experiment to figure out their preferred settings.

Understanding the impact of different RPM settings on coffee extraction requires some learning, making it slightly more complex than simpler grinders like those from Baratza or Rancilio. However, for those willing to invest the time, the Lagom P64 provides an unparalleled level of control over the grinding process.


Constructed almost entirely from metal, the Lagom P64 is built to last. Its robust design ensures decades of reliable service, particularly with the SSP burrs that significantly extend the grinder’s lifespan. The machine’s components are machined from single pieces of metal, ensuring a solid fit with no wobbling parts.

The motor is coupled flexibly to the grinding mechanism, minimizing vibration which not only improves grind accuracy but also enhances the longevity of the machine. As the Lagom P64 is relatively new to the market, long-term durability data is still forthcoming, but the initial build quality suggests it will stand the test of time.

Ease of Use & Customer Care

Operating the Lagom P64 is straightforward, though the variable RPM feature adds a layer of complexity. Users will need to experiment with different settings to find what works best for their preferred brew. The grinder’s toolless disassembly makes cleaning a breeze, encouraging regular maintenance which is crucial for optimal performance.

Historically, Option-O had a reputation for subpar customer service. However, recent feedback indicates improvement, with the owner, Hayden, reportedly responding promptly to customer inquiries. If this enhanced customer service continues, it will significantly bolster the overall user experience, especially given the grinder’s premium price tag.


Priced at around $1500, the Lagom P64 offers substantial value compared to higher-end grinders that can cost twice as much. However, it’s important to note that if you already own a high-quality flat burr grinder, the improvement in coffee taste may not be drastic. The primary advantages of upgrading to the Lagom P64 include its durable construction and enhanced user experience.

While not everyone may find the variable RPM motor necessary, those who appreciate fine-tuning their grind will find it a valuable feature. Ultimately, the Lagom P64 is targeted at those who are passionate about extracting the best possible flavor from their coffee beans.

In essence, the Option-O Lagom P64 Grinder stands as a formidable contender in the coffee grinding arena. With its exceptional build quality, versatile burr options, and advanced features like the variable RPM motor, it offers a level of precision that appeals to both espresso lovers and filter coffee enthusiasts. The attention to detail in its design, including the whisper-quiet operation and toolless disassembly, underscores its user-friendly nature.

However, the grinder is not without its drawbacks. The arbitrary labeling of the RPM dial and the limited capacity of the grinding chamber may pose challenges for some users. Additionally, while the Lagom P64’s premium price tag is justified by its performance and durability, it may not represent a significant upgrade for those already owning high-quality flat burr grinders.

Overall, if you are passionate about extracting the finest nuances from your coffee beans and are willing to invest in a high-end grinder, the Lagom P64 is a worthy addition to your brewing setup. Its robust construction ensures longevity, while its versatile burr options and variable RPM motor provide unparalleled control over the grinding process. For coffee aficionados seeking the ultimate grinding experience, the Lagom P64 is a compelling choice.