The Cappuccino Explained – YouTube

Cappuccinos have a fascinating history linked to 16th-century monks. The name ‘cappuccino’ actually originates from Vienna, not Italy. The drink has evolved significantly with the advent of espresso machines. Modern cappuccinos focus on strong coffee flavor and foam. The addition of chocolate to cappuccinos is a matter of personal preference. Cappuccinos haven’t always been trendy, … Read more

Mastering the Art of Dialing in Espresso

In the quest for the perfect espresso, the process of dialing it in is both an art and science. Here, we dive into the journey of mastering this intricate process. With a brand-new coffee in the hopper, one that had never been tasted or tested before, the adventure begins. Armed with a Mythos One grinder … Read more

Coffee Brewing Ratios: The Simplified Guide

So, you’ve got your coffee beans and you’re ready to brew the perfect cup. But how much coffee should you actually use for that ideal cup? Let’s break it down so you can get the best flavor every time, without a ton of complicated math. Forget about using scoops or tablespoons. These methods can be … Read more

The Chemex – An Icon of Coffee Brewing

In the latest video, the Chemex coffee maker takes center stage, kicking off a new series on coffee icons. Despite its American reputation, the Chemex was invented by German-born Dr. Peter Schlumbohm. Drawn to the US by its patent laws, Dr. Schlumbohm invented over 300 items, but the Chemex, patented in 1941 and produced in … Read more

Dalgona Coffee: The Whipped Coffee Craze

Dalgona coffee has taken the world by storm. This frothy, whipped coffee drink, originally popularized in South Korea, has become an internet sensation. It’s a simple combination of instant coffee, sugar, and water, whipped to a creamy consistency and served over milk. This unique preparation method has captivated coffee lovers and social media users alike, … Read more

Mastering Espresso: The Art of the Dose

In the world of espresso, the concept of dosing—determining the right amount of ground coffee to use—is a critical factor that significantly impacts the resulting brew’s flavor and quality. Many espresso enthusiasts have commented that they often don’t understand the reasons behind specific adjustments. This led to the creation of a four-part series to delve … Read more

Exploring the Art of Buying Great Coffee

Imagine you’re standing in front of a wall of coffee bags at your local supermarket, unsure which one to pick. Maybe you’ve found a coffee you enjoy, but there’s an entire world of flavors waiting for you to discover. The aim here is to help you navigate through the diverse and sometimes confusing world of … Read more

Mastering the Art of French Press Coffee

Achieving the perfect cup of coffee with a French press is an art. It’s not just about brewing but about the patience and precision required to extract the richest flavors possible. Unlike quick brewing methods, this technique demands time and care. Freshly roasted beans, ground at the moment, are essential for the best experience. Though … Read more

Exploring the Cafelat Robot: A Hands-On First Look

Today, a deep dive into the Cafelat Robot, a compact manual lever espresso machine, begins. This first look review has been highly requested, and it promises a thorough examination of what this $370 device has to offer. Known for its sleek design, particularly the green model, the Cafelat Robot stands out with features like a … Read more

Supermarket Instant Coffee – Which One Tastes Best?

Taste testing 38 different instant coffees to find the best one. The process involved a blind tasting with standardized testing. The reviewer has strong opinions against instant coffee but remained curious. The tasting criteria focused on bitterness, flavor complexity, and overall enjoyment. A surprising winner was revealed after a rigorous testing process. Tasting instant coffee … Read more