Unveiling the Mysteries of Coffee Roasting

Roasting coffee is an art steeped in science, transforming raw, unappealing beans into the aromatic flavors we cherish. Raw coffee beans, dried seeds of the coffee tree, are where this journey begins. At this stage, they smell akin to plant seeds and are far from the rich, inviting aroma we associate with coffee. The magic … Read more

A Guide to DIY Espresso Extraction Tasting

Dive into an experiment to taste coffee extractions side by side. Learn how different extractions affect the flavor of espresso. Use your own coffee and equipment for the most relevant results. Follow a straightforward method for diluting and tasting espressos. Develop your palate by identifying flavors in various extractions. If you’re keen on understanding how … Read more

To Blend or Not to Blend: The Debate

In the world of coffee, blending has always been a topic of much debate. For years, blending coffee was the norm, but now, opinions are divided. Some roasters still blend to create a consistent product, while others argue that blending masks the unique qualities of individual beans. Let’s dive into why some roasters choose to … Read more

Shaken or Stirred: A New Espresso Technique

A couple of weeks ago, coffee influencer Lance Hedrick shook up the espresso world with two videos that might revolutionize how we make our beloved brew. After extensive testing, Lance discovered that shaking coffee grounds for a few seconds before placing them in the portafilter significantly enhances extraction. Lance’s experiments revealed that shaking outperformed other … Read more

Milk Science: The Overlooked Element in Your Morning Coffee

Recently, an extremely popular Melbourne café let us sneak a peek at their till reading before cashing up for the day. Out of roughly six hundred coffee beverages sold, a staggering ninety-one percent were milk-based. This overwhelming preference for milky coffee, especially in Australia, raises an intriguing question: why isn’t there more conversation about milk … Read more

Shake it Real Good

The debate about whether shaking your coffee grounds before making espresso can improve extraction has a passionate audience. Initially, Lance Hedrick’s experiments seemed to suggest that a good shake could dramatically boost extraction and reduce shot times. Naturally, this piqued interest and raised a slew of questions. Lance Hedrick’s experiments showed that shaking coffee grounds … Read more

A £265 Shot of Espresso: Worth Every Penny?

In the heart of London, a coffee enthusiast sets out on an extraordinary caffeine adventure, aiming to try what is purportedly the most expensive shot of espresso in the world. Priced at a whopping £265, equivalent to $335, this cup of coffee ranks as the costliest he has ever encountered in his 20-year career. The … Read more

Inside the Great American Taste Test: Surprising Coffee Preferences

The results are in for the Great American Taste Test, a fascinating experiment that aimed to uncover American coffee preferences. This unique study involved shipping four specially prepared coffees to participants across the country to ensure a consistent tasting experience. The experiment featured four distinct coffees: Coffee A, a light roast from Kenya; Coffee B, … Read more

A Surprising Find: The KINGrinder P1 Hand Grinder

In a recent video, the host excitedly examined the KINGrinder P1, a hand grinder that’s caused quite a stir in the world of home coffee enthusiasts. The story begins with comparisons to the Hario Slim, a popular hand grinder for beginners, priced around £30. Despite its affordability, the Hario Slim has its flaws. Its ceramic … Read more

The Fascinating Birth of Espresso

If you really want to understand where espresso came from, Leonato Capello’s work is a great place to start. Capello, an Italian artist who worked in Paris from the early 1900s to the late 1930s, is often celebrated as the father of modern poster advertising. While he’s known for collaborations with brands like Campari, his … Read more