Fellow Stagg Electric Kettle Review: Worth It In 2024?

Fellow Stagg Electric Kettle Review: Worth It In 2024?

You’re on the hunt for the perfect gooseneck kettle to elevate your coffee game, right? Look no further— the Fellow Stagg EKG might just be the kitchen gadget you didn’t know you needed. With its sleek design, variable temperature control, and even a hidden video game, this kettle is as much about performance as it is about style.

The Fellow Stagg EKG electric kettle is a hit both with competing baristas and home coffee aficionados. Full of features and boasting a minimalist design, it fits seamlessly into any setup. It’s available in two models: the classic EKG and the EKG+ with Bluetooth functionality. This allows you to control the kettle remotely via a smartphone app—imagine setting your water temperature without getting out of bed!

Design-wise, the kettle has won accolades like the Red Dot design award in 2018. Made from durable 304 stainless steel, it comes in five different colors including copper, polished steel, warm pink, matte black, and matte white. The pink model even features a maple wood handle. The handle provides a counterbalance for smooth pouring, regardless of the water level.

Operating the kettle is straightforward with a circular LCD screen and a button/dial combo for setting your temperature. The base of the kettle also houses a hidden Snake-like video game called ‘Wormy’—toggle the switches on the back to access it.

As for temperature control, the Stagg EKG is adjustable from 135°F to 212°F. The kettle also has a hold function that keeps the water at your desired temperature for up to an hour, perfect for those who want to grind their coffee or rinse their filter while maintaining optimal brew water temperature.

The built-in timer helps you track your brewing process, and the Bluetooth-enabled version adds an extra layer of convenience—paired with apps from Fellow or Acaia for detailed brew logging. Pouring is a breeze thanks to the well-designed gooseneck spout and weighted handle that offer precision and control.

However, there’s a catch—the price. While the standard model costs around $150, the Bluetooth version is approximately $200. This is steep compared to alternatives like Bonavita or Brewista kettles. But for the design, precision, and feature set, the Stagg EKG justifies its price. It’s especially useful for those who need exact temperature control and smooth pouring.

If you’re someone who doesn’t need all these features or are on a budget, simpler and cheaper options like the Bonavita variable temperature electric kettle or the non-electric version of the Stagg are available.

The Fellow Stagg EKG is a nearly flawless piece of brewing equipment, combining performance, style, and innovative features. If your budget allows, it’s a worthwhile investment for any coffee enthusiast.