Coffee Candy Taste Test Extravaganza

Today, the quest is simple: finding the most delicious coffee candy in the world. With excitement and a touch of terror, a determined individual sets out to sample a staggering variety of coffee candies from around the globe.

Our intrepid taster embarks on this sugary journey with an open mind despite their initial hesitation about coffee-flavored products. With the support of their Patreon fans, who suggested 240 different options, they have narrowed it down to 20 brands and 27 products. Each candy is presented anonymously to ensure impartiality.

The first round starts with two Colombian contenders, Coffee Delight in both hard and chewy forms. Though the chewy version won on texture, neither delivered the rich, delightful essence of Colombian coffee. In rounds subsequent, candies from various regions, including Japan and the United States, are sampled. Texture and complexity play significant roles in the judgments, with notable mentions such as Coffee Amo from Japan, which features a mix of textural experiences but ultimately falls short on flavor.

As the rounds progress, there’s a mix of pleasant and unpleasant surprises. Hard candies, gummies, and chocolates all make appearances. Some, like Nestle’s Coffee Crisp, lack the expected coffee punch, while others like Scho-Ka-Kola from Germany offer a bitter but interesting experience. One standout is a coffee gummy bear, which sadly does not live up to its potential despite an enjoyable texture.

The semifinal rounds become a showdown of textures and flavors, with a hard candy featuring a chewy caramel center emerging victorious over its contenders. This ‘A’ candy, with its layered experience, narrowly beats out other promising options including the hopeful chocolate pizza-shaped Scho-Ka-Kola.

As the final round approaches, two distinct styles remain: a chewy caramel-laden candy and a dark chocolate variant. Ultimately, the well-rounded experience of the chewy caramel candy, dubbed Coffee-Like from Roshen, claims the top spot. Not only does it deliver on texture, but it also manages to provide a satisfying coffee flavor.

In conclusion, after a rigorous and adventure-filled process, Coffee-Like from Roshen stands out as the winner. This Ukrainian candy combines a mix of texture and flavor that makes it a delightful coffee treat. There’s still hope for even more complex and varied coffee candies in the future.