What’s The Best Water For Coffee?

When pondering how to brew the perfect cup of coffee, most people focus on beans and equipment. But did you know that 98% of your coffee is water? That’s right. The quality of your water is just as crucial as your coffee machine or grinder. A remarkable revelation comes from current and former barista champions … Read more

The 8 Best Budget Espresso Machines 2024

If coffee runs through your veins but you’re tired of the mounting café bills, there’s good news. You can enjoy a decent brew at home without breaking the bank. Here’s a rundown of the top budget espresso machines for 2024. First up, the De’Longhi EC702, an outstanding choice for those who love both single and … Read more

How to Clean a Coffee Maker: A Step-by-Step Guide

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How Hard Should You Tamp?

Tamping for espresso is riddled with a surprising amount of folk-knowledge. Back in 2008, practicing tamping on bathroom scales was the advice given, though the ideal weight often went unspecified. Today, it’s clear that tamping pressure is important, but it turns out, it’s also straightforward to get right. Tamping essentially involves compressing coffee grinds to … Read more