Breville Barista Touch Stops Brewing After 3 Seconds: Causes and Fixes

Ever been excited to brew a cup of coffee with your Breville Barista Touch, only to have it stop brewing after just three seconds? It’s a frustrating experience, but fortunately, there are some common reasons and easy fixes to get you back on track.

One possible culprit is the water tank. If it’s empty or not filled enough, the machine can’t function properly. Make sure the water tank is at least half full before you start brewing.

Programming issues can also cause this problem. You might need to reset the recording volume by holding the program button for four seconds with the unit on and then releasing it. Sometimes, a quick reset can solve the problem.

Clogged filter cups can be another issue. Filters, especially double-walled ones, may get clogged with coffee oil and debris. If no water is coming out when you’re brewing a shot with an empty filter basket, you likely have a clog. Cleaning or replacing the filter cups can resolve this.

Internal clogging and debris buildup are also common problems. The shower screens can get clogged if the machine’s extraction head isn’t cleaned regularly. If you don’t have a portafilter installed and no water comes out after resetting the machine, internal clogging could be the issue.

Using extremely fine coffee grounds can cause water flow issues inside the machine. When the grounds are too fine, the water struggles to pass through, resulting in brewing problems. Switching to a coarser grind can help alleviate this issue.

So, what can you do to fix these problems? Firstly, ensure the water tank is full. It’s a simple step but often overlooked. Also, check the programming settings and reset if needed. For clogged filter cups, try brewing a shot without coffee to test them. Replace them if water doesn’t come through. Opt for a coarser grind if overly fine grounds are causing blockages. Regular cleaning is essential—disassemble the machine to clean the grill and seal, rinse them under running water, and dry thoroughly. Lastly, always use fresh and filtered water to prevent mineral buildup. Regularly descale the machine for optimal performance.

If you follow these steps, your Breville Barista Touch should be back to its efficient self, brewing your favorite coffee without a hitch.

Tackling these common issues will ensure your Breville Barista Touch operates smoothly, allowing you to enjoy your perfect cup of coffee without interruptions.