Breville Barista Express Grind Size Issues: 4 Key Problems

Imagine waking up, groggily reaching for your Breville Barista Express, only to realize the grinder isn’t playing nice with your coffee beans. The frustration is real, and there are a few common reasons this might be happening.

First, let’s talk about the possibility of your grinder’s safety clutch getting activated. This often happens when the filter container is stuffed, causing a blockage. Sometimes, it’s as simple as having no coffee beans in the container or the grinder chute being obstructed. Moisture can also sneak into the grinder chamber or the chute, causing issues.

Now, if the grind size isn’t right, it’s crucial to get it to a medium-fine form. The ideal initial grind size setting is number 5. You can tweak it based on your preference, but remember: the smaller the number, the finer the grind; the larger the number, the coarser the grind.

Here are four main problems to keep an eye on:

1. **Portafilter Blockage:** If you hold the portafilter too close to the discharge chute, coffee grounds can get stuck, causing a blockage. Try maintaining some distance to prevent this.

2. **Stuck Coffee Beans:** Sometimes, coffee beans get stuck inside the grinder. Always check for stuck beans if your grinder stops or jams.

3. **Too Fine Settings:** Setting the burrs to an extremely fine grind can cause jamming. Avoid the extreme fine mode to prevent this issue.

4. **Lack of Regular Cleaning:** Regular cleaning is essential. Accumulated debris and stuck coffee beans can cause the grinder to jam. Use a cleaning kit regularly to keep things running smoothly.

Adjusting the grind amount on the Breville Barista Express is straightforward. Set the grind amount dial to 3 o’clock as a starting point, then tweak it towards ‘Less’ or ‘More’ to get the desired bean quantity. This might require a couple of tries to perfect.

Resetting the grinder is also pretty simple. Press and hold the ‘Program’ button until the machine beeps three times, then release. Your grinder will reset to the default settings: a 1-cup shot volume of approximately 30ml and a 2-cup shot around 60ml.

So, the next time your Breville Barista Express grinder gives you trouble, remember these tips. A bit of troubleshooting can go a long way in getting your morning coffee back on track.