Best Grind Settings for Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine

Christine Jacobs dives right into the details of the Breville Oracle Touch Machine, a fully automatic espresso machine with a portafilter specializing in delivering cafe-quality espresso at home.

This espresso machine is crafted from stainless steel, equipped with a commercial-grade portafilter, and features a dual-boiler system allowing for simultaneous coffee brewing and milk steaming. It’s an all-in-one barista, but to use it effectively, one must understand its components and their functions.

A key feature is its integrated grinder offering 45 different grind settings, enabling users to customize their espresso. With 5 pre-programmed drinks and the ability to store 8 more personalized settings, the machine provides a tailored coffee experience. The portafilter is 58 mm in size, coming with a 1-cup and 2-cup filter basket for either single or double shots.

Achieving the perfect espresso shot involves selecting the right grind size. For beginners, starting at a grind size of 20 is suggested. Adjustments can be made by turning the dial on the side—anti-clockwise for a coarser grind, resulting in a faster extraction, or clockwise for a finer grind, which slows the extraction. This is particularly important depending on the type of coffee beans used and their roast level. For example, a medium roast may start at size 17, adjusted by factors like humidity and bean age, while a dark roast might require a coarser grind at size 30.

The machine’s advanced settings allow for further customization. To access these features, turn off the machine, press and hold the single shot button, then press the power button. Hold both for three seconds to enter the advanced menu. Options include resetting to factory defaults, accessing descaling mode, switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit, adjusting LCD brightness, customizing the spotlight for the drip tray and working area, changing steam temperature, setting air temperature and time for automatic steam, choosing beep sounds, adjusting the cooling fan, disabling the ‘clean me’ alert, setting clock display format, and selecting between time-based or volumetric-based extraction.

To make the perfect espresso, start by placing the beans in the hopper and selecting a dose of 18-22 grams. Turn on the machine and begin with a grind size of 20. Choose ‘Espresso’ from the menu, and initiate the automatic grinding, dosing, and tamping by placing the portafilter in its designated spot. After placing it into the group head, select the desired button for a one-cup or two-cup shot. Fill a jug with fresh cold milk, set the foam level, and let the machine do the rest, from brewing the coffee to adding it to the milk for a flawless espresso shot.

With its advanced features and customizable settings, the Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine offers a professional coffee-making experience at home. Whether you’re a novice or a coffee aficionado, understanding the grind settings and machine functions will enable you to brew the perfect espresso every time.